Burkan Boğaz

BASED ON IZMIR TURKEY · burkan@gaminics.com

I am Game Developer based Izmir. The game engines I mostly use are, unity3d and godot engine. I have created many game projects so far. You can find detailed information about the games below.


Ocean Boss

Android Puzzle Game | Unity3d

Ocean Boss guided the boats in the ocean and helped them reach their goals. is a minimalist puzzle game. It is the first project to be completed between my Personal Works.

Trailer Video
RELEASE : 23.09.2018

What's in the picture?

Mobile Puzzle Game | Godot Engine

What's in the picture? , the player is given very close-up photos and what is actually is a puzzle game that must find that they are.

RELEASE : 20.02.2020

Don't Repair

Global Game Jam 2020 | Unity3d

Sometimes, destruction has good results. I want you to fix some things. Does it make sense to repair by breaking? Results will not be as you guessed :)

Game Page | Download
RELEASE : 02.02.2020


2D PLATFORMER | Godot Engine

Hooman is an adventure where players can learn about space and astronomy It is a game. Prepared for the 2019 Code awards competition.

Trailer Video
RELEASE : 30.01.2019

Carwin Dow Story

Story Based Adventure | Unity3d

Carwin Dow Story is an unfortunate accident that lost her parents in a fire. survivor-story based on the return of the man from the city to his old town years later is a 3d game in style.

RELEASE : In Development


Dokuz Eylul University

Computer Science

Year 4

September 2016 - Now

Events & Others

  • Global Game Jam 2020 | Jammer
  • Google Devfest 2019 | Participant
  • Dokuz Eylul University Computer Science Community Career Day | Crew
  • Cyber Ege 2018 | Participant
  • Yasar University Developer Summit 2018 | Participant
  • Google Devfest 2017 | Participant
  • Izmir Information Summit 2016 | Participant