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Mr. Carwin Dow Game DevLog #1

Approximately 6 hours of work was carried out for the game project “Mr. Carwin Dow”. Processes are made with Unity3D game engine and the following packages are used.

.Pro Builder 4.0.5

.Pro Grid 3.0.3

Laying the foundations of the area where the town will be established, the first settlement center where the game will begin. In the simplest sense, creating a road structure that will surround the town.

Creating pavements that surround the roads.

Filling the site areas where the buildings that will form the town will be settled and adjusting them symmetrically around the pavement.

Expansion of the settlement plan and the general outline of the town.

Determining the general outlines of the town and creating pavement on these lines.

Make the roads more specific and understandable. Determination of single-lane and double-lane roads.

Prototyping the street lights to illuminate the town.

Symmetrical placement and propagation of the prototype streetlight to the required areas.

All necessary street lamps are distributed throughout the town.

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