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Mr. Carwin Dow Game DevLog #2

Below is the second Devlog recordings of the “Mr. Carwin Dow” game project. The studies lasted approximately 3 hours.


  • 3 model polygonal tree prototype
  • Soil field strips
  • Green field strips
  • Total afforestation of the two sides of the town
  • Adding ocean to the other two sides of town

1 – Creation of soil on both sides of the town.

2 – Adding a layer of grass to the added soil terrain.

3 -Production of the first polygonal tree prototype.

Production of the second polygonal tree prototype.

5 – Generation of a small group of trees by the production of the third polygonal tree prototype.

6 – Distribution of trees on both sides of the town to suit a particular model.

7 – Ocean area for the other two sides of town.

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