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Mr. Carwin Dow

Mr. Carwin Dow, a friendly and hardworking man, is a dismissed cleaning worker. Unfairly dismissed Dow wants to take revenge on the company he was fired with his own plan. First of all, it will have to make a lot of money.

He starts to wipe the windows of the vehicles standing at the red light in the small town where he lives in order to stand and thus make money. When he realizes that he cannot make a lot of money this way, he will face the dark side of the city. While he continues to wipe the car windows during the day, he continues to work on his sneaky plan when it gets dark. He will not hesitate to do all sorts of strange things to make his plan come to a conclusion. His job while in traffic is only a scam. Not bad money.

With less than a month’s savings, he moves to another medium-sized city. A larger city is more expensive but needs more to implement its plan. In this process, it makes daily routines without interruption. She regularly goes shopping every day, watches movies in the cinema when she is depressed, and when she feels tired, withdraws to work at home.

When he’s done designing his plan, it’s time to put it into practice. It needs to be moved to the big city for the final touches. After spending about a month in the largest city in the country, he completed his plan. He will now avenge the company he was wrongfully fired.